About Shotokan Karate

What people love about Karate…Karate girl-small

  • Improves confidence, strength and fitness
  • Gives you an awareness of self-defence techniques
  • Each belt gives you a clear goal
  • It’s social and clubs have a friendly atmosphere
  • The ultimate thrill of being a black belt!

How do Shotokan Karate belts work?

Beginners start on the white belt and then progress through the belts via periodic “gradings” until they reach the coveted black belt status. It normally takes 3-4 years to reach black. From then on, you move through degrees of black belt, known as “Dans”…

karate belts

The national governing body for Shotokan Karate is NAKMAS, if you want to learn more about this and other martial arts, visit their website here.