Christmas fun session and Awards…

Christmas karate group 2017

Our Christmas session was really great and featured two teams pitting themselves against each other in a series of challenges and games.

It was Team Santa (in red) versus Team Rudolf (in green) and in the end it was an honourable draw.

At the end of the session, were our first ever awards for the year. They went to:

Jonas Bindewald – Best Kick

Alfie Beresford – Dodgeball Master

Jade Waltham – Ichi, Ni, San Master

Joey Millward – Most Improved

Bradley Savidge – Greatest Spirit

Lily Flounders and Thomas Wenlock – Joint Student’s Student of the Year Award

Well done to all, and thanks for a great year of karate!


Blackbelt success!

26th of November saw a tough grading in front of a large panel of judges but I’m proud to say that my students (pictured below) rose to the challenge and got their belts!


From left to right (next to me) is Ali (who achieved her 2nd Dan), Jade and Raie (who got their black belts), Lily and Maud (who got their 2nd Dan) and Marcus (who got his black belt).

Well done to them all, I’m really proud!!