Well, that’s the end of another year!

2016, and what a year it’s been for karate.

We’ve had new starters, 3 black belts, one 3rd dan, one 4th dan and lots of fun and games in between.

Last week Sensei Tony Conroy came to do a grading session and pictured below are all the successful students with their red and yellow belts. Tony was most impressed with all of your progress and I’m very proud of each and every one of you!


Next year we start back on Wednesday 4th Jan 2017 (yes, it really is 2017), and I’m really looking forward to what should be a busy but exciting year, with a competition and a non-stop sponsored 12 hour Karate-thon. (More details to follow on this soon).

There will also be lots more Katas and techniques to learn throughout the year.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and I’ll see you all on the 4th Jan to work off all that Christmas food!!

Ginny -x-

Student of the Month for August 2016

Congratulations to Bradley Savidge who has been crowned “Student of the Month” for August 2016.


Bradley has shown great progress with continued perseverance and thoroughly deserves a push-up free month!!

Joey Millward and Jessica Atkins got the highly commended awards this month for their continued hard work and excellent progress.

Well done to all three of you.

More grading success!

Congratulations and well done to all my students who have this week passed their grading for a variety of belts.

We’ve had orange belts moving up to red, a red belt moving up to yellow and a yellow belt moving up to green. My very good friend, Sensei Jos kindly assisted me on the night with her clipboard, so thanks as well to her for her help!

It was a tough session but everybody was very focused and even the white belts held their own. I’m so impressed with everyone’s commitment and long may it continue!

Grading 6 Jul 2016

Student of the Month for June is…

…Ben Weston! (pictured top left)

Student of the month Jun 16

Congratulations to Ben for working really hard this month – no press-ups for the whole of July!

Highly commended awards for this month went to David Bindewald (front left) and Eva Perry (front right) – well done to them.

A big welcome to 2 new students, Tom Williams (pictured back middle) and Bradley Savidge, (back right). Always great to have new beginners onboard, I hope you really enjoy the coming weeks.

Good luck to all my Orange belts, Red belt, Yellow belt and 1st Kyu – all being graded next week. Be strong, brave and positive and you will all be fine!

Your Sensei is now 4th Dan!

After more than 6 months of blood, sweat and tears I can finally announce that I have  achieved my 4th Dan at a grading today in Claybrook. Many thanks to Sensei Gordon for all your guidance and motivation.

The grading was really tough (over 2 hours of katas, basics, combinations, free fighting and bunkai) but we got there in the end and I’m now looking forward to bit of a rest from extreme 4 sessions-a-week training.

I would like to thank my long suffering husband, Dave who has put with constant whining and moaning about all my aches and pains and for the beautiful flowers I had waiting for me when I got home.

imagePictured with me above, Andy Fox (far left), my best mate Jos Patel and Lez Lockley (far right) – all of us now 4th Dan.

Welcome to the Purple & White family!

Well done to my fantastic new Purple and White belts for succeeding in their grading. They are all members of the same family as well – from right to left Ketan, Avisha, Dhruv (standing in front of Sensei Tony), and Dev. Sensei Tony graded them and was very impressed by their progress and I feel very proud of them.

In addition, at this grading Sensei Tony realised that Raie Khan was ready for his 1st Kyu and so he was awarded that belt and is now one step away from his Black Belt – well done Raie!

Purple and white grading May 16