Orange is the colour!

Congratulations to all nine of my fantastic White Belts who are now Orange Belts! Well done to all, it was a tough grading and I pushed you all hard but despite some nerves you all came through brilliantly. Very proud.

orange belt graders

They are (back row, left to right): Hannah Williams, Alice McDonaugh, Natasha Roberts, James Pilbeam. (Front row, left to right), David Bindewald, Keira Perry, Eva Perry, Joey Millward and Jessica Atkins.

Fun and games!

Just over a week to go until the White Belts go for their Orange Belts – their first grading!

The sessions have been going really well and we even had time to play a few games testing reflexes…

IMG_0042IMG_0043 (1)

I throw the sponge ball randomly and see how well they catch it in a hurry! You sit down if you’re not fast enough at catching, but if I drop it when it’s thrown back, someone gets push ups! Poor old Steve suffered a bit, when I kept dropping it!

In addition to this, we’ve even been doing extra things like some cool self defence with the faithful old rubber knives and learning the next kata…

Session Rundown – 13 Jan 2016

Good session tonight – thanks for all your efforts!

Welcome to our new member, James Pilbeam. He did really well tonight, picking up the basics in double quick time.


Happy 13th Birthday to William Reuben – and well done for coming along on your special day, I was well impressed! We made him feel a bit special by making him face a lineup.

The first session ended with an exciting running race, and well done to Hannah Williams who brought her team to victory!

Good recap of the basics and get ready everyone in the first hour for next week’s Sanbon Kumite!

Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is now over and time for you all to work off that turkey and all those chocolates!

And tonight was a great start – a great turnout and lots of effort and great spirit from everyone. Don’t forget, for all of you White Belts we will be working on Sanbon Kumite over the next few weeks which is the third and final discipline you need to attain your Orange Belt. Look out for some posts with helpful hints, tips and videos over the coming week.

David Bindewald

Following on from my previous post, congratulations to David Bindewald for being Student of the Month – I thought it would be nice to have his photo in this week!

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ketan Bhardwa for attaining his Purple Belt in December, it was a tough grading in the second hour but he rose to the challenge and he and his family are now all at the same level (which should help with harmony in the home!)

Also I would like to say “well done” to Ethan Wade for attaining his Red Belt in December (see picture below) and Ben Weston for getting his Yellow Belt (will hopefully publish a photo of this next week).

Ketan and Ethan
Ketan Bhardwa and Ethan Wade proudly displaying their belts

Merry Christmas to all my students!

It’s been a great year for GinnyB Karate. I am so chuffed with all the effort and hard work that you’ve all put in.

So many of you have improved in so many ways, including moving up belts as well as commitment and spirit. We’ve successfully moved to a new venue at Rothley C of E Academy and we’ve recently welcomed some great new members.

Thanks to all of you and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I will see you all again on Wednesday 6 Jan 2016.

GB Karate - Dec 2015